About Us

I have always been passionate about skincare. I believe that how we feel about ourselves is key to our wellbeing, and skincare plays a big part in that.

When I opened my own skincare salon, Bellesa in 2015, I was looking for products that were not only natural and non-toxic, but cruelty-free and environmentally friendly too! Affordability was also a huge factor, and I finally found what I was looking for in the Ecologic product line.

The Ecologic range was developed by a mother-daughter team and released onto the market in 1997. Since then, this high-quality, eco-friendly brand has continued to grow and offer customers the gentle yet effective skincare they’ve always needed. Each product is carefully handcrafted in small batches, so that only the best active ingredients are used.

I was smitten with these products the moment I tried them, and my clients love them too! This is why, after a six-year relationship with this incredible team, I am proud to be taking on some of the best-selling formulations and rebranding them as Ecofair.

It’s very exciting to now be at the helm of a product line that is as effective as it delights! I’ll be keeping the same formulas that clients know and love, and releasing a new range of products under Ecofair, called My Skin.

The My Skin range is so much more than superficial skincare that only lasts a few magical hours – it’s about longevity and deep, nourishing care for all skin types. Your skin gets all the glorious nutrients it needs, while you look and feel fabulous!

I remain committed to my promise of only using the very best, guilt-free ingredients in my formulas. The Ecofair range will be free of petrochemicals, paraben preservatives, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours and harmful chemicals.
Each lovingly crafted product will continue to be environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, vegan and, where possible, organic too!

New products are certainly on the horizon, but for now the core focus will be on the existing products in the My Skin range.

If you haven’t tried Ecofair yet, I encourage you to do so and see what natural, carefully formulated skincare can do for you. I just know you’ll love it!