What’s your Skin Mood?

Before we can ask ourselves what our Skin Mood is, let’s understand what My Skin Mood stands for and how it came about. 

My Skin Mood is the collective name given to Ecofair’s face oils. Just as we humans go through seasons in life, so do our skins. What we go through, as well as external environmental elements, our skins reflect.

In the different seasons, our skins are in need of different skincare routines, hence we all experience different Skin Moods.

Ecofair Skincare has 3 Skin Mood Oils. 

  1. Calm Me Skin Oil
  2. Control Me Skin Oil 
  3. Rejuvenate Me Skin Oil 

Let’s have a look into each and the benefits that each skin oil provides for different skin moods. 

Our Calm Me Skin Oil harnesses the therapeutic power of botanicals for sensitive skin in need of soothing and calming. It effectively settles skin redness and helps to repair and strengthen your skin’s barrier function, while still having the benefit of anti-aging and rejuvenating properties.

Our Rejuvenate Me Skin Oil is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C to help fight against ageing, boosting your skin’s collagen production and moisture. Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, and it gives your skin that natural glow.

Our Control Me Skin Oil is a lightweight formula for both combination and breakout-prone skin conditions. It helps to balance your skin’s natural sebum production and offers properties to help soothe redness and irritation. It stimulates new cell growth and helps to reduce scarring and to improve tissue healing while helping to prevent infection.

So ask yourself, what’s your Skin Mood?

If you are still unsure, remember we offer an online skin consultation and are happy to help and best advise you.


‘I was lucky enough to try a sample of the My Skin Mood – Calm Me and wow…..the aroma alone brings an instant calm over your aura!!!!
And the silky soft feel of my skin the next morning is indescribable!’

“I was gifted the My Skin Mood – Calm Me oil at 38 weeks pregnant.
Oh my word! Not only is the smell SUPER calming, the feel and texture of this amazing product leaves my skin soft, moisturized and wanting more! The best add-on to my nighttime routine.’

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